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You decide what discounts to offer for your upcoming unrented days. We'll let vacationers know what a great deal it is and help you rent those days. Your advertised deals will be kept up-to-date automatically based on your rates, availability and simple but powerful discount rules that you control. Want to offer a special deal for specific days, you can do that too. You have complete control over your deals.

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Inquiries and replies are managed though our secure messaging platform to help protect privacy and keep things organized. To make an offer, simply accept or update the rental quote for the requested dates. Renters have until the expiration of your offer to secure the reservation with payment. Renters pay a nominal processing fee, which is included with the rental payment and made directly to your Paypal account. Once you receive payment, simply remit the processing fee to us for bringing you the business. Personal contact details are made available for any additional follow-up you may require, according to your usual procedures.


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Search for a great deal on a vacation rental where you've always wanted to go and your free GoGoVR account will be created as soon as you send your first inquiry.

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Communicate directly with the VR owner or manager through our secure messaging platform. Ask whatever questions you may have and when you're ready to book, simply ask the owner for a final quote if one hasn't already been provided. A nominal 6% processing fee is applied to each booking. For your protection, we require all property owners to have a verified Paypal account for accepting payments. Once the reservation is secured with payment, personal contact details are made available for any additional follow-up you or the owner may require.

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