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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Last Minute Advertising?

Last Minute Advertising gives vacation home owners and managers a simple way to earn more income by offering discounts to last minute travelers looking to book within the next 45 days. GoGoVR advertises the deals, makes the introduction and facilitates communication between the parties. See How it Works

Who can list a rental on GoGoVR?

All owners and authorized managers of vacation rentals worldwide can list on GoGoVR, in accordance with the laws and regulations governing vacation rentals where the property is located. To add a listing, simply click on the Add Listing button at the top of the page.

How do I improve my search ranking on the GoGoVR last minute network?

Deals! Deals! Deals! The greater the discount, the better the deal is and the higher your property will appear in search results. Be sure to have nice photos and a full description of your property. Timely responses to inquiries lead to more bookings, so the faster you reply the more likely you are to generate business.

Where is my listing published?

Your listing is published on GoGoVR.com and authorized network affiliate websites that wish to publish last minute deals.

How am I notified of GoGoVR inquiries and replies?

GoGoVR inquiries and replies are managed through our secure messaging platform. When an inquiry or reply is received, a notification is sent to the intended recipient to reply through the messaging system. This keeps the chain of communication stored neatly in a single thread for reference. Quotes can also be provided in a simple online form attached to the message.

Why is it important to use the GoGoVR messaging system?

The GoGoVR platform is built on trust. All communications are managed through our secure messaging system to protect your privacy and guard against illicit behaviors such as spam or phishing attempts. Personal contact information may not be exchanged and will be removed from all messaging until both parties have agreed to proceed with a booking.

How much time do I have to reply to GoGoVR messages?

We strongly recommend you reply to new messages as soon as possible, especially given the nature of last minute travel. As an owner, the sooner you reply, the more likely your rental may be chosen over another. As a renter, the sooner you commit, the less likely you are to lose the deal to another inquiring party.

When can I contact the other party outside of the GoGoVR messaging platform?

As soon as both parties have agreed to the booking and the renter has secured the reservation with payment, personal contact details (phone number and email address) will immediately become visible for any additional follow-up that either party feels may be necessary.

What can I ask a renter or owner before committing to a booking?

Feel free to ask any questions that will make you feel comfortable before accepting a booking or making payment. For owners, this may include questions about the purpose of your renter's stay or other details about who they are. For renters, this may include questions about rental features, fees, reviews or any other information pertinent to what you are looking for in a rental.

How are reservations for GoGoVR inquiries processed?

Once both parties have agreed to proceed with booking, the renter accepts the owner's rental terms and then secures the reservation with online payment to the owner's verified Paypal account. The rental owner or manager may then follow-up with additional information and/or to request other required items.

How are rental payments handled?

All rental payments are handled by the rental owner or manager via Paypal (a verified Paypal Account is required for owners to list their properties on this site). Renters secure reservations online with payment by credit card and do not need a Paypal account.

How are cancellations handled?

Cancellation policies vary by rental and should be clearly stated in the owner's rental agreement and acknowledged before payment is remitted. Some owners have strict cancellation policies that provide no refund in the event of cancellation, for any reason. Others may offer refunds for days that can be re-booked at the same rate. We strongly recommend the purchase of trip insurance to help cover cancellations or other unforeseen changes in your travel plans.

Can I use my availability calendar?

Yes. If you already maintain your rental availability using a calendar that can export into an ical format, then we can keep your GoGoVR calendar updated automatically for you. This not only saves you time from making redundant calendar updates, but it helps keep dynamic deals valid and up to date.

How are last minute discounts determined?

Owners may use rules to determine what kind of discounts to offer and when. Owners may also enter ad hoc deals manually as the opportunity arises to offer discounts (e.g., in the event of a last minute cancellation). Regardless of how deals are created, the owner or manager is in complete control over what deals get advertised for their properties.

Does GoGoVR screen inquiring renters?

No. GoGoVR helps connects owners and managers with interested renters and provides a secure messaging system for you to communicate with each other. Once both parties agreed to proceed with a booking, personal contact details are released to enable additional personal follow-up for any last minute assurances.

How do I contact GoGoVR if I have a question?

You can contact us any time via the Contact link at the bottom of our home page at GoGoVR.com

What does this service cost?

Owners may list vacation rentals and advertise deals for free. A flat $25 processing fee is applied to the renter's invoice upon booking for connecting the renter to the deal. This fee is collected by the owner with the rental payment and then remitted by the owner to GoGoVR.
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