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GoGoVR is owned and operated by Big Bridge Corp, a company founded in 2007 by three guys with a passion for travel and a knack for solving problems. We are also vacation home owners who, through personal experience, came to understand and appreciate the amount of work involved with managing a vacation rental. We know that a vacation home is not only a personal refuge but also a source of great personal pride, and while owning a vacation property can be a very rewarding experience, we learned that renting it out can be a whole lot of work.

With decades of experience solving problems and building technology solutions for Fortune 50 companies, it was natural for us to want to apply these skills to simplify vacation rental management for ourselves, and for others who have shared in our frustration. A year after founding Big Bridge, we launched a simple but powerful web-based application ("Property Studio") that streamlines the inquiry and reservation management process from beginning to end. Property Studio has provided unprecedented support for individual owners and managers looking for a simpler way to manage their VRs without the expense or learning curve usually required by systems built for large management companies. Property Studio was a labor of love and we are quite proud of the result.
So what's GoGoVR all about?
The name GoGoVR (as in "Go, Go Vacation Rental!") pays homage to the spectacular growth of the vacation rental industry, the successful owners and managers who offer their places for rent, and to the savvy traveling public who are frequently 'on the go' and always looking for great deals at the last minute.

Let's face it, VR owners are in the business of making money and renters love deals. GoGoVR brings these ambitions together in a simple solution that we are proud to introduce to the VR industry. It represents a return to one of the original problems we set out to solve with Property Studio, which was to help owners increase occupancy by tapping into the many unrented and hard-to-fill days that are lost each year due to seasonal lows, cancellations, or lack of marketing exposure. Dynamic last minute pricing is a powerful and innovative feature that we'd already included in the Property Studio application but never fully leveraged.

Now existing as a stand-alone service for owners and managers who don't need all of the management tools, GoGoVR takes dynamic deals to a whole new level. It's super-simple to use and focuses entirely on helping owners book those fast-approaching vacancies while offering great deals to the traveling public.

We've worked hard to make the process of advertising discounts as painless as possible. Our goal is to provide something useful to the vacation home renters, owners, managers and advertisers who define this incredible industry and we invite everyone to give us a try.